Glen-Crete Products, Inc. is a family owned and managed steel fabrication and manufacturing business that has been in operation for over 44 years. Our fabrication operation is mainly oriented for light to medium structural steel, miscellaneous iron and architectural metals with an emphasis on providing "just in time" services. We cater to industrial, general engineering, structural, commercial and residential contractors with a need for job-shop type services. Additionally, Glen-Crete Products, Inc. is a licensed contractor possessing a C-51 structural steel license. We also provide field installation and field welding services. Glen-Crete Products, Inc. is an "open shop" concern.

We also provide cutting, punching, drilling and other processing services such as hot dip galvanizing. In addition we are able to provide stock material on a vendor basis.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Michael Gregg
President/General Manager